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Babymio - Organic Cotton U-shaped Head and Neck Cushion/Support Pillow
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Model: L20200411A
BABYMIO-the Italian word meaning 'my baby'-is the name for a brand that recognizes there is nothing as precious as a tiny child. Practical and fashionable are our soul elements in our product collection.Classical cute sheep neck cushion provides safe and secure neck and head support for your little ..
HK$288.00 HK$338.00
Model: LN658235475C
Designed to provide stability when sleeping and to disperse pressure when lying down. Filled with micro air balls that perfectly fit the head and neck for anyone to sleep comfortably in any position!4 Colors Deep Gray/ Cool Gray/ Deep Navy /Ivory..
Model: L20200127S
Ergonomically, there are more than 50 support points per cubic centimeter to spread the pressure evenly, as if holding the baby's head with both hands, meticulously care for the baby's stereotyped pillow.The unique circular groove design effectively prevents flat heads and increases shaping&nbs..
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