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Ma Bailiang Strengthening Fur Seal Pills (180 Capsules)

Ma Bailiang Strengthening Fur Seal Pills (180 Capsules)
Ma Bailiang Strengthening Fur Seal Pills (180 Capsules)

Product advantages: 

This pill follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, uses more than ten kinds of precious medicinal materials, and is refined by modern technology. It can overflow the life door, help fire, promote blood circulation, supplemented with nourishing yin and nourishing liver and spleen, strengthening muscles and bones, and nourishing mind Ordinary service can prolong the life, sincerely to improve the body's health. Kidney cold, weak labor, weak complexion, yellow complexion, sore waist, knees, dizziness, lack of energy, physical health care.

Main ingredients:

Deer tail, antler, achyranthes, ginseng, Morinda officinalis, dodder, cistanche, schisandra, dog's ridge, cypress kernel, honey, eucommia, cinnamon, radix rehmanniae, astragalus.


Oral, take with boiled water or saline, 8 pills each time, 2 times a day, and change to once a day after 10 days of continuous service. For health care, take 2-3 times a week. 8 pills. Do not take it when you have a cold or fever, and refrain from things that are cold, cold, stagnation, and radish. If you have a medical condition, you need to be treated by a doctor. Pregnant women and patients with dehydrogenase deficiency of glucose hexaphosphate should not be taken.

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